Planet Ark Power's technology provider eleXsys Energy wins the InnovationAus Award for Excellence

Planet Ark Power's technology provider eleXsys Energy wins the InnovationAus Award for Excellence

By Neha Nagpal  December 16th, 2021

Clean energy technology recognised for ability to turn existing electricity infrastructure into two-way smart grids.


Next-generation technologies such as eleXsys Energy’s software as a service (SaaS) energy management solution and grid edge device will be pivotal in Australia’s transition to a fossil-free, clean-energy economy. We are therefore very proud to share eleXsys Energy's big win at the inaugural InnovationAus Awards for Excellence, bagging the energy and renewables award in recognition of the technology’s significant potential.   

Our partner Planet Ark Power, also the master licensee of eleXsys technology in Australia and New Zealand, is thrilled as this breakthrough solution is recognised on home soil. Founded in Australia in 2012 and commercialised in 2020, the technology solution has already gained traction and recognition in some international markets in Europe and Asia. 

EleXsys began with the singular focus of solving the voltage problem faced by clean energy providers trying to send back energy to the electricity grid. Having been successful in that goal the business vision has since evolved, and the technology has gone beyond solely helping energy providers to enabling a systemic shift away from the traditional electricity grid to smart micro-grids.

The technology comprises two components – a hardware device and the SaaS software. By integrating with the existing energy grid, on-site clean energy systems (including solar and wind systems) and battery storage, eleXsys technology eliminates the need for upgrades to existing grid infrastructure. 

The grid edge device is a unique rack-mounted hardware that allows high-voltage, high-frequency management through a single device, replacing conventional multi-device systems that can be cost- and time-intensive. The device is designed to offer scalability to fit the requirements of both small and large renewable energy systems. 

With this hardware comes an artificial intelligence (AI) powered SaaS application used to monitor and manage energy usage. The software uses sophisticated algorithms to overcome various electricity network problems, including voltage management, voltage fluctuations and fault identification, among others. 

The two components combined form an industry-leading solution that can leverage Australia's renewable energy potential. With the world's highest household solar installation rates, state governments' investment in renewable projects and the nation's 2050 net-zero target, this technology is likely to see large-scale uptake and drive the adoption of sustainable energy systems in Australia. 

This new win builds upon previous recognitions of eleXsys this year, including wins in the renewable energy category at the Davos Energy Week Start-up Pitch Competition and being named the Most Innovative Proptech in the inaugural Proptech Association of Australia Awards

To read more about this technology, please click here


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Neha Nagpal

Neha became a Planet Arker in August 2021. She brings over a decade of experience in marketing communications and describes herself as a "one-woman band", having worked across all PR, Corporate Communications and Marcom functions. Currently a Master of Sustainability candidate at the University of Sydney, she is doing her academic research project at Planet Ark on the topic - Applying the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Organisational Planning & Strategy. She is passionate about combining the two disciples - communications and sustainability and climate science. She loves food, travelling and books.

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