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Carbon Neutral

Proudly carbon neutral since 2017


Planet Ark is proudly certified Carbon Neutral according to the national Climate Active Standard (formerly NCOS).

As one of Australia’s most trusted environmental organisations, we understand the importance of leading by example. We endeavour to minimise our impact upon the planet by purchasing renewable energy and reducing our consumption and waste. However, despite our best efforts we are still responsible for generating greenhouse gas emissions from our business activities. To address this, we limit our environmental impact by calculating our carbon footprint and purchasing carbon offsets of an equivalent value. This is especially important as we grow as an organisation and develop operations such as Planet Ark Power and the Australian Circular Economy Hub.

Purchasing carbon offsets, allows us to invest in important projects locally and overseas that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Planet Ark staff choose these projects through an annual democratic vote – a responsibility our passionate staff value and carefully consider.

Carbon Neutral - Solar Panels

In 2018, Planet Ark commenced the process of becoming a certified Carbon Neutral Organisation with our certifiers Pangolin Associates for the calendar years 2017 and 2018. For the total emissions generated in 2017 and 2018 Planet Ark purchased carbon offsets through projects that reflect two of the organisation’s passions: a solar energy project in India and an initiative to protect an area of FSC-certified forest in the Brazilian Amazon.

Planet Ark has been recertified for the calendar year 2019 and has chosen four inspiring new projects to offset our emissions:

Cleaner Cook Stoves in Rwanda carbon neutral

Cleaner Cook Stoves in Rwanda carbon neutral

Planet Ark will continue the Carbon Neutral certification process into the future. For more information about our journey to carbon neutrality, visit our Climate Active member's page.

For any other organisation that wants to go that extra step and reduce their environmental impact we suggest they visit Climate Active or contact Pangolin Associates about how to become carbon neutral.

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